Hulled Hemp Seeds 454g


Hulled Hemp Seeds 454g


High-quality hulled hemp seeds are a nearly perfect food.

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Hulled Hemp Seeds 454g has a sealing strip to maintain freshness.

– Naturally high in fibre
– Naturally high in protein
– No additives or preservatives
– Naturally gluten free
– Low salt, no added salt
– Naturally high in unsaturated fat, provides a balance of essential Omega 3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids
– High in Iron, Thiamin, Zinc, Magnesium, Folate and Phosphorus


Hulled Hemp Seeds (100%).


Our hemp seeds are an ideal way to add protein to shakes and smoothies, and a nutty yet nutritious flavour to your baking. Or sprinkle a spoonful or two onto salads, cereal, fruit or yogurt!

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